Mittwoch, 23. September 2009

"let the sun shine" for WS

"Let the sun shine" makes me think of the movie "Hair". I think that was the first time I fell in love...

The background was put through the cuttlebug and later coloured with distress inks.
The stamps have names but I have forgotten what design they are - sorry!
They are called "face", "geometrie" and "hip-hop".

We have still got the most wonderful weather here in Luxembourg and we are told it would stay like this for some days more.
And I am a terrible sun freak so I enjoy every day right now...

I hope you like my arch and maybe you can even feel the beat...


  1. Your let the sun shine arch is wonderful Lena. I CAN hear the music and Love that song!

  2. Wow this gorgeous.
    Fantastic design and work.

  3. That's really cool Lena very sunny and cheerful. I love that figure stamp - I don't remember that one in your stash??

  4. Gorgeous!! love the colour and the images!!


  5. Hi Lena, thank you for your kind comment :) If you mean all the gold on my card then it's embossed stamping :) the background is acrylic paint.

    Have a creative evening!!