Sonntag, 31. Mai 2009

"open theme" by G A

This weeks theme with Gothic arches is "open", so I chose to show you my favorite shopping town - Trier.
The ruin shown is the famous "Porta Nigra" in Trier. The waves should be the river Mosel and the image is from a plastic bag, bought in Trier last friday, showing two girlies sitting on Porta Nigra, chatting and waving with a big shopping bag.... In one window I put the german flag.
That's life in Trier - at least for me when I go there. I just LOVE shopping in Trier - sometimes I go with my daughters and sometimes with a friend. It's not far away from Luxemburg, but it is like going on holidays.

Samstag, 30. Mai 2009

"purple and green" for wednesdaystampers

Sorry, late again...
Jaine taught me how to stamp on fimo-clay and I painted it with a purple/violett metallic colour.
I made some beads and put it behind the stamped fimo. The canvas is painted in a violett colour too and I used the cuttlebug for the flower and the leaves.It took some time creating this little "thing" but I enjoyed every second...

Dienstag, 26. Mai 2009

Poppy time!

Yesterday as I went on my monday jogging, I suddenly saw on one of my most beloved flowers - the poppy. It had opened that morning and coming home I had to make a picture of one in my garden. It was very hot and sticky though, even in the evening, but now the rain has come...

Just another wonder of nature!

Samstag, 23. Mai 2009

Garden Sprite

My garden sprite is a stamp from "inkadinkado".
For the first time in my life I used some "karenmarieklip" from Denmark. It was almost relaxing trying to arrange the arch - almost like dressing a paperdoll in the old days...
Do you know Hans Christian Andersen from Denmark? The story writer, remember? He did a lot of paperclip too, so you can imagine that Denmark has got a great tradition there. Beautiful cards, window decorations, christmas-tree hanger...

Freitag, 22. Mai 2009

Mixed media

This time I wanted to experiment with magnetic colour but I only had a black one. When it was dry I had to paint the canvas in another colour because I didn't like it to be black. And MAYBE this is the reason why it has lost some of the capacity to stay magnetic. The magnets do stay there but if I put something thicker in between it doesn't hold.
The stamps are from crafty individuals and sunshinedesigns. The girl to the right is a postcard from Magnetic Island, Aussieland. One of the most beautiful places on earth - as far as I know... Hope you all like it even if the picture isn't the very best!

A Eurofusion for a Eurovision

Last saturday we were celebrating the Eurovision song contest together. We sure had a lovely evening and the winner ( a very good looking russian boy who lives in the suburbs of Oslo) stole our hearts... His song was the best one - we (the ladies) thought - but I'm pretty sure that our husbands would have liked Turkey to win with their song "Dùm tek tek" and belly dance...
My friend Chris made her " Eurofusion" as a starter and I just had to show you her wonderful tastings from all over the world. Lovely! Thanks Christine!

Montag, 18. Mai 2009


Hello again - have had problems to put photos on the blog, so I am a bit late...
I Am happy that my dear husband could fix it!

Peace for me is looking for harmony and I think that this arch turned out to be in harmony. I used my sewing machine for once and that was nice. The flowers were cut out by the cuttlebug and painted with colours from " LuminArte " ( wild blueberry and guatamalan green ). The background paper is almost to beautiful to cut, but in the name of peace there is no excuse...

Something else I need to tell you -
some of you have got blogs where one needs a special account to make a comment. I can only comment when I can chose my name. So that is why I can't comment as much as I would like to - no bad feelings I hope...!

Freitag, 15. Mai 2009

"Under" the sea

As you can see on the front page I did use a stamp and it was even bought in Australia. I made this 3D book last autumn and I thought I could use it for wednesdaystampers challenge this week - "under the sea". You don't see very much from under the see though (exept that lovely wine label with the seahorse and some other things...).

This was from our first trip in Aussieland. We went with the Wavedancer from Port Douglas out til the Great Barrier Reef where the family did some snorkling and saw these amazing corals. Among them small sharks were swimming too...

Amazing world under the sea!

Samstag, 9. Mai 2009

"little girls"

Little girls... just have to love them!

Stamps from " seeds" and " heidi snapp". Colours from "Ranger". Image from a cd that Jaine once bought... + that beautiful " sassafras-girl" that I see every day at work!

Girls are lovely , but they can be horrible too...!!!


Samstag, 2. Mai 2009

"vintage woman" G A

I used a medallion stamp from after painting the back with adirondeck brownish colours. Embellishments are found from all over... Tried to get a bit of green in there and in the end I'm happy with the result. The image is from Jaine and I simply adore that face...

Hope you like it too!