Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

yes, yes, yes... I did it!

...finally, I was able to finish my " 12 days of christmas "! Tomorrow I will take photos, but right now, after spending a whole day shopping, I will just enter my basement and relax with an art journal page.

I have got SOOO many UFO's (un finished objects)and now I DID finish this one - HAPPY!

Wish you all the best out there!

Tomorrow I'll start cooking!


Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2011

...starting to play with panpastel!

Merry christmas!


Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2011

the "far-away" parcels sent away...

...soon the christmas peace will set in. All the parcels are sent and the christmas cards aswell. Now the last shopping and peace will enter the house...! ( I hope!)


Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

HOLLY for inkurable stamps

This is my first entry to inkurable stamps. The theme is holly.I did this card last saturday on our workshop at the mosaikscrappers when Jaine showed us how to make 3D-cards.
...and if you wonder where I hid the holly - check the scrap paper where the girl puts her feet...

The stamps are all from a swedish company called reprint.


day 3 - my to-do list

Day 3 in my "12 days of christmas".
Neocolours, rub-ons, ribbon and a stamp from Dina Wakley.


Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

St. Lucia tomorrow!

= my fathers birthday!

So I made him a wallhanger VERY much inspired by Christy Tomlinson. I adore her way of building up layers and creating one masterpiece after the other...

Happy birthday, daddy!
Grattis paa födelsedagen, pappa!


Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Day 2.

On day 2 St Nicolas came to work. We had a big party with children and parents. St Nicolas brought a lot of toys for the children to use while they spend their days with us in the Kindefgarden.


Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

Day 1 in my "12 days of christmas".

My friend Jaine asked me if I would join her to make a "12 days of christmas" and of course I said yes to that - she always has these good ideas... But I'm still not sure what a " 12 days of christmas " is. I suppose it should be something about decorating the house, preparing for christmas, shopping ...(?)...
Because I love art journals, my "12 days of christmas" will be an art journal showing what happened in my life that special day.

So my first page is about changing windows and doors in our house. AND a discussion about eating pizza in the house when one family member might be allergic to gluten...

December 1st.

Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2011

art journal page of 11/11-11

This is my page called 11/11-11. My thoughts at 11.11 o'clock.
I used cherrypie artstamps together with stamps from Tim Holtz.

A bit late, but still going...


Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

St. Nicolas brings toys to work!

Big party and St. Nicolas arrived at work last friday... Making this "Kleesschen" (St. Nicolas) the children had some good fun with the cuttlebug, making his beard nice and swirly...

....and look at all the new things to play with!!! Thank you Kleesschen!

...working on my 12 days for christmas - just hope that I will be able to finish it before the big day!


Sonntag, 27. November 2011


I finished Olivers advents calendar!!! Only 3 days left.... I'm happy I finally DID IT! It was hard work and a lot of sticking, but here we are!

Happy 1.Advent!

Samstag, 26. November 2011

My shopping in Wiesbaden!

I forgot to show you my shopping in Wiesbaden, Germany. A whole day, with good friends, lovely possibilities, money "squirreled" away for mounths and a LOT OF INSPIRATION!

So thank you to de Stempelwinkel, Creavil, Stempelfeeshop, Scrapbookcorner, Scrapbookstore, La Blanche and Reprint!


Freitag, 25. November 2011

My "silent night" for SDC.

Over at the SDC, they would like to see some creations for christmas but WITHOUT the traditional colours.
I stayed true to my beloved blue and made the background with acrylics and wet wipes.

The angel is a stampotique stamp, designed by Jill Penney.
The trees could have been a stampotique stamp, but it is made by the swedish company .
And the little star is designed by Jo Copper-Sandon, from the Stampotique team.

I wish you all a nice weekend!


Mittwoch, 23. November 2011

Another advent calendar, this time for work...

This one is made for work.
I used newspaper, old star cut outs, numbers and some christmas stamps. We filled these "kremmerhuse" (kones) with some grass fibre and soon St. Nicolas will arrive with sweets for the children...


Wet and wild!

This is my entry to our art journal this time. The theme is "wet" and I added some wilderness to it. Wich prompt is it this time? Could it be the 18th? Don't know anymore, but it is nice to have something new to think about every 2 weeks...

Have fun!


Sonntag, 20. November 2011


This is my entry to simply less is more, where the theme this week is silhouttes.
I'm not a good card maker as I normally find myself using a kind of messy style and that is a thing you just DON'T DO on cards. But I love what I see on their blog and I thought I would like to try ...
The silhouette is a cut-out and the stamped text is a new one, just bought in Wiesbaden at the Kreativa Welt Bastelmesse.

Wish you all a great week!


Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

The advents calendar 2011

And this is this years adventskalender! I had some great fun trying to find different numbers to fit and it is always nice to find use for strange little things that I find everywhere... I will put this one on to liliths challenge for altering and decorating christmas stuff.

Hope you like it!


My gesso stars.

This summer my father taught me how to make these stars. I started making them in brass wire and then I painted them with black gesso. I think it is nice to see the brass shine through... and of course it's up to me to decorate them according to the season!


Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Autumn journal spread.


To start this post I would like to say thank you to crafty individuals , who chose me to be among the winners for october. That really made my day!

This is my autumn spread in my altered book. I love the colours of autumn! I know we have to be inside more this time of the year but that means aswell that I can spend more time in my basement... he, he!

AND halloween is back again. I bought this wreath and I decorated it with a little ghost dingling in the middle.

Then I felt sorry for the ghost, dingling about without any friends to chat with. So we made some pumpkin friends out of dried maple leaves and decorated the door with them.

So happy halloween to all of you!

See you in november!


Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

"winged things"

This tag is my entry to the challenge "winged things" at crafty individuals.
I used CI 227 and CI 062 aswell as cherry pie art stamps.

Love this gothic, creepy style!



This spread is my entry to Creavils challenge Halloween.
I used stamps from Creavil, Cherry Pie Art Stamps and Tampomaniak. The colours are acrylics mixed with Neocolors2.

Nice to get started again!


Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

MUSIK art journal journey

I made this page as I had spent my birthday listening to these singing ladies. They call themselves "the rounder girls" and they come to Luxemburg at least once a year. I love the happiness they spread as they sing and I'm quit sure I will enjoy their visit next year aswell.
So this is my entry to art journal journey this month where the theme is "music".
Stamps used ; tampomaniak
Colours ; neocolours 2


some of the harvest this year !

Love the colour red...!


having fun at work!

Autumn definately arrived to Luxemburg and so did cold, snotty noses and flue. Yesterday we took the children for a stroll through the forest, where we found these cute hats. The result you see here - a little bird with a french hat.


Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Back again.

This was me only 3 days ago - in the Pousada Kolibri in Morro do Sao Paolo, Ilha de Tinharé, Bahia, Brazil.
Holiday is over and now I have to find the normal rythm again.
Halloween is on it's way, so let's get started...


Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Samstag, 10. September 2011

FLOWERS, prompt 17.

This is my spread for our art journal, where Laurence has chosen the theme "flowers".
The background is made with watercolours, stamps and then brayered over with white acrylic.
I cut out some flowers from a mag, made some other flowers with the cuttlebug and stamped the rest.
Stamps used; Hero art, Magnolia(!), flowerstamp from a craft stamper mag and a foam stamp from Disney.

Today Luxembourg is hot and sticky. This morning I went running and it was VERY heavy to breathe. Then the sun came through the clouds and heated up the air. Now the clouds are back again and tomorrow the autumn will arrive. Rain and low temperatures. So this spread was just in time - next week we will have to do leaves instead!

Wish you all a nice start of the autumn season!


Montag, 5. September 2011


This is my spread for art journal journey, where the team would like to see some orange. I finished these pages today thinking of somebody I care for alot. I hate to let somebody down, but yesterday I think I did... sooo sorry!

I used stamps from inkido, artemio and hero art. Rub ons from fancypants. The wings are from Tim Holtz. Colours used - perfect pearls gold, distress ink; glimmer mists and a lot of acrylics...

Inspiration and the feeling that I HAD TO TRY THIS OUT all came from this lady. LOVE her style and I admit that this is a "copy" of her work - but I just had to give it a go!

Wish you all a sunny september!


Sonntag, 28. August 2011

Prompt 16 - "circles"

This spread is for our 16th prompt - circles.
I have used different distress inks and bleach.
The stamps are from tampomaniak and

Enjoy the end of august 2011!


Montag, 22. August 2011

Our art journal, prompt 15 - "shoes".

This spread is for our prompt 15 - shoes.
Material used;
Neocolors 2, masking tape, measureband, pictures and stamps from, aswell as from

Love my old and stinky running shoes!


Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

Altered deco "flower rain"

We spent a week in Sweden and I finished my "flower rain", made of an old altered hanger, some felt and different "flowers", made of paper, buttons, ribbon ... Everything found there, in our summer house. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos - I only had the handy with me. In the flesh though, this deco is just amazing!


Montag, 15. August 2011

"dislikes" for Art Journal Journey

This is my answer to "dislikes" , the theme at Art Journal Journey.
It is the first time I join this group of people - I just couldn't resist this very special theme... So hopefully they will come up with many more like that!

The spread is a collage with many different techniques and the only stamp used (exept for text and date of course), is the background stamp. Thank you for that one, dear Jaine!

"When fear hits me, will I be able to stay and fight or will I run away?"


Auf Stoff Stempeln

This bird is my entry to Creavils challenge "stamp on fabric".



Samstag, 6. August 2011

a canvas for my parents

A couple of weeks ago our group at the mosaikscrappers had a workshop, where we started to work on canvases. This is my finished canvas with pictures of my parents grandchildren.
My mother always use to say that the grandchildren are the desserts(efterrätter) of life(liv). They are so sweet and beloved and they come in the "end" of life , just like the dessert after a nice meal.


Montag, 1. August 2011

Creavil challenge no 12 "flowers".

This card I made for my beautiful Kinésithérapiste Natalie, who I hopefully will see for the last time this thursday. By then she has given me 24(!!!) sessions of chockwaves into my shoulders and I certainly want to see the end of the story now.
And did it help? Yes, the right shoulder is better and the left shoulder might have to have some "lavage" as the doctor puts it...

Background ; resist technique with distress inks
Flowers ; PaperArtsy Hot Pick , AII technique à la Sabine Droge (shown to me at the Bastelmesse in Dortmund)
Girl; Stampotique Karin with Copic pens
Sign and border; acrylic and doodles à la Lena (hi,hi)

Flowers for Creavil challenge no 12.


Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

Punched elements for Creavil.

Hello again!

Right now, the team from Creavil would like as to do something out of punched elements. This is my contribution, using dies from Sizzix and Tim Holtz. The background is a collage made out of different papers, Neocolor 2, an old lace from grandma's leftovers and my new stamp from Jo Copper-Sandons collection. Love it!

Nice theme - I'm starting to like orange again...


Montag, 18. Juli 2011

mixed colours for the GPP street team crusade 53

My favorite colour right now is the one I would call "taupe". So by mixing black,brown and white I tried to find the perfect match. I still had some samples after painting our "africa room", so I found names for 10 of the mixtures and the last 3 (x,y and z)I named myself (granite, taupe and sand). And because I liked the idea, I made a spread in my altered book with the samples and finished it of with some gesso and the colour turquoise.

And while I had the acrylics out I tried to find a green colour called "menthe" to go with the "taupe", so I made another spread with a lot of different green shades. The colours I used here was icee, turquoise, lemon yellow, oxide black, burnt umber and titanium white.

So this is the my contribution to crusade 53 at the GPP street team this month.

Great fun!


Montag, 11. Juli 2011

Vacances Journal spread

My spread for the theme "vacances".
Stamps from Tim Holtz and Stella art.
The photo is from last years whole family holiday in Moliets-et-Maa(France).
I just adore the beach there and the rough ocean is great for surfing. This was an evening walk back home from the panini place. One of the last evenings I believe - I can still remember how I felt ; a bit sad for leaving, a bit stressed to pack the car, a bit nervous for the long way back in the car...
And most of all; I had this urge to stare at the ocean and try to make like a photo in my head so I would remember the nice days here and how happy I felt as the whole family was together, know what I mean?

The theme was chosen by Laurence who is on holidays right now. Hope she is doing fine up there in Island!


Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Mermaid for Creavil.

This is my entry to Creavils challengeblog, where the theme this time is mermaids. Quit hard as I didn't have any mermaid stamp, but I made my own out of stamps from "de stempelwinkel" and "cherry pie art stamps". The "tail" is made out of home made paper with stamps from "kesi art" and "stampotique". The background is neocolours 2.

Hope you all like it...

Had/have fun!


Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

the last rubberstamp for WS

Very sad, but still happy for the years with you, I hereby say good bye to wednesdaystampers.

You got me started buying all my stamps and it was always a challenge to find ideas to your themes each wednesday.
And now I cant stop myself from stamping and scrapbooking.

So thank you for that and I wish all of you the very best!

Take care!

canvas 2 and 3 for our next workshop

I cut out the circles with nestabilities and used funny photos of the children. So - yes - the nestabilites do cut through fabric...

The background is a la Donna Downey and I just love the structure. A simple and elegant layout, I would say...

2 more examples for our workshop tomorrow at the Mosaikscrappers. Will be a lot of fun - again!