Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

the letter B

Hello again!

I've had some busy weeks and no time for ME and my basement...well, to be honest, I HAD the time but I didn't fell like crafting. My husband went to Africa and the first couple of weeks I enjoyed all my "free" time, but after 2 weeks it wasn't funny anymore. I started to miss him! This is, of course, a good sign for our marriage, but I just couldn't get my stamps out...

Yesterday we got the good news that our Lisa, made her year, and now can call herself  "éducatrice diplomee". She has been nervous and grumpy and it has not been the easiest time in life to be with her these couple of weeks. Our youngest daughter still has another 2 weeks of school until we get her results - this weekend she is off to "Rock A Field" - a big out door music event here in Luxemburg - I hope she will be okay...! Our son seems to be happy in Germany and that is nice too..! should NOT complain!

Anyway - this is my entry to the alpha challenge at the craft barn.

I choose the word "bottle" and used stamps from the swedish company Reprint and from  crafty individuals. I might seem hard - using poison bottles and writing "in vino veritas" but bottles are bottles!!!
I do enjoy my glass of red, but we have to remember, that for many people wine (and other alcohol) really can be like poison...

...and now I'm off to our yearly "promenade gourmande" -the sun is back and we expect 21-24° today - not bad at all!!!

Wish you all a lovely sunday!


Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

the letter U for the craft barn

Ever heard of Mamma Mu?  The ones who do follow this blog ( even though I removed the follow button a couple of years ago...) will remember this image - I've used different ones but always from the same author.
Mamma Mu is "just" a cow, but she still wants to try other things that "normal" cows don"t do. This time she wants to go on the swings. I love the expression on her face - how does it work, why don't I move...? Maybe I like it so much because I work with children and this expression is quit familiar now... and THEN the big relief and the excitement when they find out that YES they can do it - it works!!!

The images are from Sven Nordquist and the story from Jujja and Tomas Wieslander.

My children always loved these stories when they were "small" and me, the mother, is still stuck...

I remember a t-shirt my son wore some years ago - "you laugh at me beacause I'm different, I laugh at you because you are all the same..." At the time , I thought he was brave to wear a text like that....

Anyway, what I want to say here is, that I think it is good when we dare to be different and Mamma Mu difinitely dares to... Look at her on those swings , the udder hanging there .... and here we are - the lettter U for the craft barn alpha challenge letter U.

Mamma Mu (the udder) is my entry.

Hope you like it - I love her style!


Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

My HOME page for AJJ

Right now it is difficult to find crafty time in my life, but I am VERY happy to have been able to finish this art journal page for Art Journal Journey, this month with the theme HOME.

This is how I would like our children to remember their home - a lot of love, all inclusive, a big welcome each time they open the door, people coming and going, acceptance, some great memories and good laughs...

Happy to join the challenge!


Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

"soft" for art-piaskownica

Soft( or flabby) is the translation for the polnish word "miekki". This is our soft dog from Teneriffe - or like my friend Jaine would say - a bundle of fluff...


is the link to a (for me)new blog with a lot of inspiration!!!

Have a nice day!


Freitag, 7. Juni 2013

"Stoff" für Creavil

I made this canvas a couple of month ago and I do like it a lot...
It was made at a workshop in Luxemburg with Nathalie Kalbach. I tried to follow her ways of "doing it" and I used the lovely foam stamps from Donna Downey. As I still haven't shown it here on my blog, I thought I could use the canvas as an entry to Creavils fortnightly challenge - this time STOFF=fabric. Where 's the fabric somebody might ask ... check the background...!

Wish you all a lovely weekend!