Freitag, 30. Januar 2009

Doggy pooh bag

Here is my entry to the bag challenge. I chose this bag to honour our little Goofy-dog who we had to put to sleep yesterday after having him as a member of the family for almost 13 years. My heart hurts and the house seems horribly empty. Miss him a lot!!!
Taking walks with a dog doesn't always seem very girly, but having a bag like mine with the pooh-bags inside (still empty!) you can still look chique and unique.

I covered the box with paper, I punched out two ladybags+shadows, used leather string and a wire as handle. I used a swirl stamp as well as a dog stamp and to finish it all - I took some stickers from my secret box...

Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2009

award from Faye

I did get an AWARD! I'm So proud and happy! Thank you SOOO much Faye! Now it is up to me to give it to somebody else...who could that one be? Exciting! To be followed...

Montag, 26. Januar 2009

My life scrap book

This is my one and only multi media book. I loved doing it- it was funny to find old photos and remember when they all where taken.
Using different materials was fun as well - no page would look like the other..

As you can see I used found things as always. These green buttons I found in a Sushi restaurant in Milano this summer. I think that they go nicely to the other colours in the book.

Had to put in a picture of my family as they all belong to my life as well...
Just love them!

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2009

Winter salad to cheer us up

Winter vitamin salad;

ca 500 ml Quinoa( cooked 15 min. with veg. stock)
1 big grapefruit in pieces
2-3 Passionfruits (only the inside)
1 red pepper in pieces
2 chicoree/chicon

If you want to you can add a dressing based on lemonjuice, oliveoil and pepper spices.

View my page on Gothic Arches

"Lace" by wednesday stamper

My beloved "Magenta" stamp with frosty wintercolours. Background "Airondack" latte and caramell. Lace in beige from grandmothers leftovers...

"Winter sport" at gothic arches

Freitag, 16. Januar 2009

Donnerstag, 15. Januar 2009



This is my contribution to this weeks theme "grunge". A bit crazy maybe...

Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009

Why do all my books get so fat?

I am trying to put some photos of things I have done on this blog to show you how I work and what I like.
Wherever I go I collect things- mostly small things like a ticket, a nice paper or a little button. When I start making a scrapbook I take my pictures, my collected stuff, my papers, ribbons etc and I put it all in a big boxlid. I stare at it for a while and then I get started.
I love all these patterned papers and the result of the different combinations you can make. None of my books can close because they all are so full of things. I like it like that. It makes the book more alive when I put little things inside. And when I take them out to show somebody I get a feeling like a flashback when I see a little label and I remember where and when I found it and why I put it in...
Do you all realize how many beautiful labels from jeans, shirts and pullovers there are out there just waiting to be found and used! My poor husband has to wear shirts that I buy for him just so that I can scrap the label....

The envelopebook "Lisa on tour".

Juhuu, it did work after all!!!!!

This evenings soup for the family;

10 garlic cloves
3 potatoes
2 cubes of veg. stock
1,2 l water
600 gr broccoli
1 onion
some butter

Heat up the butter and frie the garlic with the onion. Add the water and potatoes and let it cook for 10 min. Add the cubes with the broccoli and let it cook for another 10-15 min. Liquidize it and serve with some parmesan.
This soup will make you strong this winter and hopefully it will help you through the flu season without getting too ill...

Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Presentation of me

Art of Australia. Magnetic Island august 2008.

Hello world!
Here I am- trying to make my own blog without having a clue how it works.
I need this blog to present my scrapwork and to join challenges on the net- it is just so inspiring!
First of all some words about me;
I come from Sweden, I met my danish husband in Austria 1985, now we have 3 children and a dog and we all live in Luxemburg.
I work in a Kindergarden and I do love this job- it is a challenge to deal with people all day long...
Because of all languages in my head ( swedish, danish, english, german, luxemburgish and still struggling with french) I have to appologize for my spelling; I know I make many misstakes but please don t judge me by them.
A couple of years ago I started patchwork and I think I did some pretty nice wall hangings. I just love to put colours and different material together to see how the end effect will be. Then my english friend introduced me to scrapbooking and now I m hooked. Whereever I go my eyes look for new combinations and exciting patterns...
So here I am where everyday is a new day of discovery and joy...