Montag, 31. Oktober 2011

Autumn journal spread.


To start this post I would like to say thank you to crafty individuals , who chose me to be among the winners for october. That really made my day!

This is my autumn spread in my altered book. I love the colours of autumn! I know we have to be inside more this time of the year but that means aswell that I can spend more time in my basement... he, he!

AND halloween is back again. I bought this wreath and I decorated it with a little ghost dingling in the middle.

Then I felt sorry for the ghost, dingling about without any friends to chat with. So we made some pumpkin friends out of dried maple leaves and decorated the door with them.

So happy halloween to all of you!

See you in november!


Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

"winged things"

This tag is my entry to the challenge "winged things" at crafty individuals.
I used CI 227 and CI 062 aswell as cherry pie art stamps.

Love this gothic, creepy style!



This spread is my entry to Creavils challenge Halloween.
I used stamps from Creavil, Cherry Pie Art Stamps and Tampomaniak. The colours are acrylics mixed with Neocolors2.

Nice to get started again!


Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

MUSIK art journal journey

I made this page as I had spent my birthday listening to these singing ladies. They call themselves "the rounder girls" and they come to Luxemburg at least once a year. I love the happiness they spread as they sing and I'm quit sure I will enjoy their visit next year aswell.
So this is my entry to art journal journey this month where the theme is "music".
Stamps used ; tampomaniak
Colours ; neocolours 2


some of the harvest this year !

Love the colour red...!


having fun at work!

Autumn definately arrived to Luxemburg and so did cold, snotty noses and flue. Yesterday we took the children for a stroll through the forest, where we found these cute hats. The result you see here - a little bird with a french hat.


Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Back again.

This was me only 3 days ago - in the Pousada Kolibri in Morro do Sao Paolo, Ilha de Tinharé, Bahia, Brazil.
Holiday is over and now I have to find the normal rythm again.
Halloween is on it's way, so let's get started...