Sonntag, 28. Februar 2010

GA paris exibition

Paris , for me, is buildings and stunning gargoyles (exept for moulin rouge and love stories). AND of course thin ladies with almost NO shoulders.
I've used a self made mask and stamps from tuscanrose and artemio. Hope you can spot the gargoyle to the left...
Have a nice week everybody!

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

4 th prompt for scrap a la fraise - theme "polaroid"

I do not have a lot of polaroids left so I was glad to find this old one of my daughter on a picnic with school...
I used stamps from paperbag studios and stampotique and I used an old swedish song as doodling.
Hope you like it!

Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Thank you Sanna!

This wall decoration was made for Sanna in Copenhagen. I found the idea in the lovely magazine "craft stamper" and the great thing with this project is that you can use whatever you have got at home - bits and pieces from paper, card, wire, can of coke... Using the cuttlebug of course.
I made it for Sanna because she took care of our daughter last week.
Thank you for showing our Lisa Copenhagen, dear Sanna!

Daft punk/ Steampunk for Gothic arches

The theme this week is "steampunk". A word I'd never heard before. Watching what other members had done, I came to the conclusion that it was something with metall and faces. So this is my contribution.
Now I know I should have built a body out of bodyparts and metall but now it is to late to change it.
I used stamps from tuscan rose, stampotique and fusion art. The nuts are made with the cuttlebug.
Hope you like it anyway...

Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

Wednesdaystampers " carnaval"

This weeks challenge at wednesdaystamper is "carneval" and for me (as I work with children) it means "disguise". Most of the children seem to love this but some of them get scared when they don't recognize the face of a known voice.

The stamps are mostly from fusion art stamp (de stempelwinkel), one is from stampotique, the crackled stamp is from and the dancing men is from a plate I bought somewhere (could it be togo design?).

The background is a gift from my dear Jaine - it is a page of a french-swedish dictionnary.


Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Happy birthday Peter!

Today is my husband Peters birthday and as a gift I've created this wall hanging.
The background is made from calico, painted with gesso, collaged over and painted with acrylics and gel medium. Using gesso, gel medium and acrylic gives a good, stiff base to work on.
The photos were taken in Vienna when we first met and they are printed onto inkjet printer fabric.
As a final touch I've used some bright fabrics and machine stiched over the top.
Because it's Peters birthday today I'll be spoiling him and that fits wednesdaystampers theme "spoil me".

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Winter 2010

Snow and cold. I miss the sun right now. The garden is waiting and so am I. I did this patchwork a couple of years ago when I felt just like today... I named it " not enough daylight".

But then - I love the snow . It is so peaceful and everything gets so quiet. Beautiful! This little snowman was made by my daughter a couple of weeks ago - just love that hair!

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Gothic arches "crackle"

Yesterday we went to "creative metz" to get some inspiration...
What did we find ? - a dream came true! We found a chap who did his own way of altering books and he and his ladies (maybe daughters) sold a lot of great stuff.
Here you see some of the wonderful things we bought...

I' ve lost the mail adress but I entend to find it back - this was really like walking in a dream...

The theme at Gothic Arches this grey sunday is crackle. I was very pleased this morning as I saw the theme because I bought a "crackle accent" yesterday. BUT I have to admit that I was disappointed - that face should have been full of crackles and the lights too...
Anyway , I like the arch the way it is, even if I think that "crackle accents" didn't keep their promises.
And what did I use(?);
Stamps from stempelwinkel, paperartzy and inkadinkado...
Ranger distress inks and wax colours...
Hope you all like it!

Wish you all a lovely week!


Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

The past for wednesdaystampers

Of course "the past" could be almost everything. The other day I found this photo of my dear husband and I came to think of it again today.
The past is time and changing and so is this journal page;
The youth must belong to the past but that smile and the person behind it is still the same. How could I ever resist?

calendrier , scrap a la fraise

Last saturday we went to a workshop in France to make a "calendrier". Because of the weather (snow, snow and even more snow...) we left early and that's why I didn't finish my project. On sunday I woke up with a sinusit and now I'm on antibiotics. Yesterday my head started to work again so I did finish my calendrier. Here are some photos:


the 5 W for" scrap a la fraise" - 3rd prompt

The 3 rd prompt at scrap a la fraise is the 5 W's (what, where, when, why and who).
I made this page with only 4 W's, because my stamp only had 4.

Montag, 1. Februar 2010

something "made by hand" for the second prompt at "scrap a la fraise"

Finally I could put the pic on to the blog! I'm home from work with a bad Sinusis so my head is all fluffy and aching and maybe that is why nothing works...
Hanging from that clasp is a champagne lid that I decorated, coloured and glued with glossy accents to get a 3D effect. The atc is my very first one - never tried that before so that was interesting too.
Hope you all like it!