Mittwoch, 29. April 2009


Can you feel the heat?

Have to admit - made it in a hurry, but after thinking about the theme the whole afternoon, I knew how I wanted it to be.
I don't know if anybody noticed , but after visiting South Africa in 2007, I simply fell in love with the "african" colours. So for me, this card is a contribution to the african sun.

I used the cuttlebug for the flowers and border. Stamps are from Hein design. Embellishments from all over and the ribbon from my favorite store in Denmark (never throw beautiful things in the bin!).

Hope you like it!

Samstag, 25. April 2009

Youngest daughter growing up!

Our Em turned 12 last week so I made her a card a la Jaine (3D effect). Last saturday she went to a 60 party to celebrate - all dressed up in polka dots, singing songs from the movie "Hairspray".
It's good that life goes on, but that day I got that feeling:" Isn't it moving a bit TOO fast!?!" Look at my baby!

Here you see her card. I used the cuttlebug for the girl and some stamps from "Inque". The picture in the back is from this year with pony Robin, that she loves to ride. Robin doesn't bite and he's never in a bad mood. But poor pony Mini died today ( a pony from this riding group). It doesn't seem to be a good year for animals in our neighborhood...

As time goes by...

Freitag, 24. April 2009


In my life there are two things who are irresistable - chocolate and cheese.
Chocolate makes the angels sing and little girls as well. The smell of a good danish cheese would make everybody cry instead so it's good that this weeks theme by GA is chocolate... The smell of chocolate - irresitable!

Background Adirondack alcohol inks (ginger,caramel,latte with silver mixatives). Stamps from Crafty Individuals and Inque. Enjoy!

PS - I made this arch on friday but I didn't publish it on my blog untill today!

Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

"Earth day"

In Sweden we have this saying - something like:

" We don't own the earth, we only borrow it from our children".

On this atc I used stamps from Artemio and colours from Ranger.

I have been away for a while so it was funny to get started again...
In Sweden I found this lovely shop called "Ängsboa" where they had a lot of swedish scrapthings. Have anyone ever heard of "" ?

Have a good week and don't forget to enjoy the spring colours...

Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

"Bella Italia"

aInspired by Tim Holtz, I tried to make my own background with alcohol inks from adirondack.
My embellishments are from different places and the big stamp is from Stampotique. I tried to stamp some fashion images in distress ink but you can heardly see them. The big fashion bag is just perfect, I would say...
We (the family) spent christmas 2007 in Rome and we sure had a lovely time. Those days we were running from one historical monument to the other and we all fell in love in this wonderful city. Eating well and enjoying life!
In april we went to Milano with some friends - only for a day. There we went shopping. But to be honest we didn't buy very much- when you have to pay like 15 Euro for an icecream you don't feel stupid enough to pay overprices for something else... But of course we all came home with lovely shopping bags from Italy!
Pizza, pasta , fashion, leather, shoes, bags, history, colosseum, gelati, red wine, romantic movies,emotions, vespa... BELLA ITALIA!!!

A photo from my christmas book from Rome 2007.

Sonntag, 5. April 2009

" Bathtime, dear? "

This image reminds me of our "old" time in Vienna. When our neighbours there wanted to end the evening - instead of throwing people out, Erni would ask her husband if he had filled the bathtub with water. That was the sign for everybody to leave the building and go home.

This time I wanted to try something totally different with colours I would never have chosen before.

Weatherwise the day has been so-la-la, but I did spend some time on the terass decorating some youghurt-glasses. I bought the beeds on " Long street" in Capetown a couple of years ago and now I had the opportunity to use some. The youghurt I buy in a lovely bio-store where I do my bio-shopping once a week. I do feel the difference in the taste, but my wallet feels it too. So I only buy what I HAVE to buy and hope that the bio-stuff soon will have almost "normal" prices.

These teelight-holders is a surprise for my husband, who now is on holiday in Sweden with our youngest daughter. I will put them on "his" terass where he has his bbq and I do believe that he will have a smile on his face when he finds them.

Wish you all a happy and sunny easter if you don't pop in before the holidays!

Springtime is coming to Sweden too!

This is our house in Sweden where we enjoy a couple of weeks every summer. This morning I sent my youngest daughter up there with my husband. So now the house is very empty and I already start to miss them ( this is me, who has been longing for some nice hours in the basement without getting disturbed by them!).
So I found these photos from last year springtime and I wanted to share them with you...

I spent every summer here as a child when my parents had bought the old farm from relatives. At that time everything was "pretty run down" and my parents taught me and my brother how to restore and to appreciate "old" things.
A couple of years ago we bought one of the houses from my parents and we started to change it into the summer house we wanted it to be. So now my husband had to get some building lessons from my father... Not always easy but the endeffect is always wonderful!
We have tried to keep the old style even if we have a modern kitchen and waterclosett.
So now he's up there again - he took the sun away from Luxemburg and left me the clouds. Basement- here I come...!

Mittwoch, 1. April 2009

"queen of music"

My first 2*4.
I love the music from Queen and that is why this card ended up the way it did.
The stamps are from paperartsy and artemio.
Hope you all like it!