Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Getting ready for VACATION!

 When Luxemburg is hot , sticky and horrible, this is the place to be. We call it Grannys corner as it was the grandmother from Denmark who made it "her" corner. Perfect shade !

Just have to show you what I found at the fleamarket in Remisch last wednesday - a stand filled with old russian stamps!!! Gorgeous, but expensive... I only bought 2...

And now we are preparing the "big" holiday of the year. We leave for Cambodia and Thailand tomorrow... I went home from work, as we didn't have many children there today and now I am ironing, washing, packing, preparing.........
It will be great , I know, but I will miss our Lisa who has to stay at home and take care of the house and school. Of course I will miss our son as well, but now I'm almost used to him not joining us on holidays...

This last picture is from Lissabon. I simply fell in love with the tiles all over the city. Stunning work!

Take care out there!


Samstag, 25. August 2012

a finished cover for AJJ

Hey again!

Just wanted to show you that I DID finish the cover for my "the whatever pages".

So now I link it to art journal journey again!


I can + monochrome

This is my art journal page made for SODAlicious. I use this little booklet from SODAlicious to document the preparations for our upnext coming holidays. I will take it with me traveling as well as it is quit small and handy to bring.

The theme is "I CAN".

I used stamps from SODAlicious and  the checker plate stamp from Kaisercraft.

I really love the SODAlicious products BUT they are hard to get! As soon as I want to order, the stamps are gone - better be lucky next time...!

This color is very new to me - brownish, beige, almost getting soft pink... it was a challenge for me to keep it in only one color and I hereby join the art journal café as they would like to see some pages monochrome.

Wish you all a great weekend!


Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

A mini scrap book for Cedric.

This is the mini scrap book from Denmark. I just finished it and in the end I got quit pleased with it. 

I used laminated plastic between the pages to keep them all together. In this plastic I could store small souvenirs from  the holiday.

The papers are all from scrapbook werkstatt.
I really like this collection called "Weltenbummler".

I used stamps from My Stamp Box and from l'encre et l'image.

And yes, it is possible to sew through the plastic.

I just love these stamps - you can really use them for every kind of scrapbooking or mini album. My friend Jaine belongs to the design team of My Stamp Box and I really like their stamp collection.

This is it for now!

Hope you like my little book!


Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

25th wedding anniversary!

What happened?

... we had our wedding anniversary and I didn't think we had to do something big out of it as we go on holidays very soon... but SOMEBODY = my dear HUSBAND had another idea ;

                            HE KIDNAPPED ME!!!

He took me to Lissabon , sightseeing for four days! 

Beautiful Lisboa! Here I am at the most western point of continental Europe.

No hairdresser, no work, no kiné, no family , no scrapping... just us!

Thank you, dear Peter,  for these wonderful days!


Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

a cover for Art Journal Journey

 This is my entry to Susi's Art Journal Journey.
This is the front page and the back is still not totally dry.

I used stamps from Reprint, Hero art and Paperartsy.

I call it "the whatevers" because here is where I will store my monthly pages for Nathalie Kalbach's creative storytelling called the whatevers.

Love this color combo!

Great fun on a hot and sticky day in Lux!

(my basement was nice and cool...)


Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

STM - I had a dream.

"I have/had a dream", by ABBA.

My first thought went to Martin Luther King of course. And then because Abba came from Sweden, just like I do, I had to think of one of the most gorgeous characters in swedish children stories - Mamma Mu.

Text from Jujja& Tomas Wieslander and pictures by Sven Nordqvist.

Mamma Mu keeps dreaming of trying different things that no other cow would ever dream of;
 skating, swimming, biking, building a tree house...

Wonderful stories and I just love the happy pictures!

I used stamps from Reprint and Paperartsy.

This is my entry to Scrapping the music.



Dienstag, 7. August 2012

If I had the power...!

If I had the power... I would change a lot!

You know, like peace on earth, food for everybody, save the rainforset ...

But, right now, if I had the power, my first wish would be for our daughter who has diabetes type 1.
I would wish for her to get free or at least to be able to feel the hypos again. I believe that it must be horrible not to be able to trust ones body...
She is having a hard time now and my first POWER would be used on her!!!

I made my own silouette, stamped with a Hero art stamp and one from Sodalicious.

This is my entry to ART JOURNAL CAFE.

I wish you all some great power and sunny days!


Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Color your world, été 2012.

Surfing the net I found this blog called color your world. I really liked what I saw , so here we go again...

"Pour faire une page avec;
 - du livre
 - du gesso
 - de la peinture
 - des encres
   et du tissu..."

The scrap paper is from Basic, the guirlande is made of different book pages, covered with tissue paper and painted with different colors, I used my stamps from Kesi art, added some blue bakers twine and some tissue tape and ended it all with orange ink splatter.

Go and check that blog - they really have some outstanding examples!!

Waiting for the next thunderstorm to arrive... hot and sticky in our little country again .

Take care out there!