Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

My first smash page...

...from the lovely mega event, organized at Gut Hühnerhof , by Scrapbook Werkstatt .


Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2012

My shelter for SODAlicious

Challenge no 13 at SODAlicious "shelter".


Montag, 29. Oktober 2012

Halloween canvas.

I didn't find anything spooky to decorate my house with, so I had to create it myself.
This canvas took a long time to finish as it had to dry between the layers. It might not be the very best creation, but it'll do for now.

I used stamps from CI, Tuscan rose and death by Klimt, the sizzix tree and raven and a lot of black gesso and acrylics. The photo is from a cemetery at Morro de Sao Paolo in Brazil.

I really enjoyed making this - Halloween may come!

So,  this is my entry to Creavils' Halloween challenge.

Nice to try something completely different!


Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012


First of all - a big thank you to dear Frauke, who sent me a lovely goodie bag from STM the last time I participated! Thank you! It was very much appreciated!

Linkin' Park singing "let it go" at "kraschnaja ploschidsch"= the red square in Moscow... I fell in love ! Don't think I ever heard that tune before and now I can't stop listening to it! And then , of course, I love the expression of the keyborder's face when he hears the crowd singing and joining in. It must be an extraordinary feeling to perform in front of , and WITH, an audience like that!

I made this journal page listening to that song. You can find the info about the challenge as well as the lyrics  here, at scrapping the music .

To let go is about accepting changes, I think. My stamp here says "when you are through changing, you are through" - very true!

Finally the grey clouds reached Luxemburg and the temperature fell as well - winter is approaching!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


My april calendar card.

This is my 4th calendar card for the craft barn. The theme was to doodle , and so I did.

... looking at the date, I just realize that today, 23 years ago, we moved from Austria to Luxemburg. Austrias national day today...

Great fun!


Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012

My autumn page.

My entry to color your world, october.
We were supposed to use something from nature on the page - I used tree leaves, wheat and corn leaves.
The picture is from last year - just after the first frosty night and  this will probably happen again tomorrow night.

I ADORE the colours outside right now!!!

I was allowed out today and a friend brought me to my beloved "Juckelsbesch" for a nice walk. Gorgeous!

Wish you all some great autumn colors!


Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

March , calendar card "yellow, white and green".

... and this is the 3rd and last one for today - The Craft Barns' calendar challenge 3 - march.

I'm using all my new stuff from the mega event at Scrapbook Werkstatt last weekend. I feel very lucky that I am able to use my left hand even though I have to keep my shoulder in one position. I don't feel much pain either...

Before the mega event and before going to hospital, I prepared some backgrounds so I could keep up with the different activities in the blog world. So great to have internet when I'm not allowed to leave the house!!!

Once more.... - happy Sunday!


Calendar 2013 February

The Calendar 2013 at the Craft Barn for February is all about BRIGHT colors.

Wishing you all a nice and sunny sunday  - AGAIN!


Calendar 2013 for the craft barn - JANUARY

Some scrappers I admire more than others, and Laury 55 definitely is one of them. She uses the colors I like and the style is similar to mine as well (well, so I think anyway...:-)).

Checking her blog the other day, I found out that the Craft Barn is doing a calendar for 2013 right now.
I'm late joining , but not too late.

So this is my calendar card for January 2013, using vellum. The info is to be found here.

Wish you all a nice and sunny Sunday!


Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012

"Anything can be a stamp" for AJC

This is my entry to AJC's theme; anything can be a stamp.

I used punchinella to stamp with as well as to stamp through. Bubblewrap, DUPLO , creditcard and some bottle lids as stamps and I ended it all with my new favorite stamp from Unity stamps;

Enjoy the weekend!


Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

Need a hug?

A wall hanging given to me and made by Jaine. She used her stamps from My Stamp Box. I think it is gorgeous!

I will try to keep away from medication today as I felt dizzy and tired yesterday. The nurse will come and change the bandage and I will take a nice walk in the sunshine to my first appointment at the kinesitherapist.

And then it's weekend!
And sunny!
And a big wedding in Luxemburg as the Prince Guillaume will marry his Stephanie....

Wish you all a great weekend!


Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Fur or feathers for Artful times.

I dropped the fur and went for feathers instead.
This is my entry to artful times 15th challenge "fur or feather".

Last weekend I went to Scrapbook Werkstatt's Mega Event 2012 and there I met Felicitas Klink (one of the 2Frollein), who started the german scrap magazine "die Scrapperin".
I fell in love with Felicitas' stamps and here I use them on this tag.

I am very happy to be home again - hospital is just no fun!
I am able to move more than I thought I would be, so this is a very happy surprise. Before I went to hospital, I had prepared some backgrounds, so I still would be able to join some challenges and keep myself busy. 

I wish you all a sunny thursday!


Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

What a weekend!

We sure had some great fun at Gut Hühnerhof in Germany this weekend! Workshops from morning 'til evening saturday and sunday. We made a junk album with the 2 Frollein, Photo shooting and a lay-out with Stephanie Berger, a 'vintage chic' album with Donna Downey and a mini album with Amy Tangerine.

The food was excellent (once it got there),and the place itself, was perfect for a weekend like this!

Thank you, Scrapbook Werkstatt, for a great weekend, inky fingers and happy inspiration!

Now I'm off to hospital, for my first OP ever... a bit scary!!!

Hope to be back as soon as possible!


Montag, 8. Oktober 2012

My "indian summer" for Art Journal Journey

Happy monday out there!

This week could have had a better start, but who am I to complain...?

At least I can put these pages on the blog and join Art Journal Journey's theme Indian summer.

We had an indian summer a couple of weeks ago, but now warm weather is gone. We still have the gorgeous colours though and I expect it to get even better and more colourful in the end of this month.


Freitag, 5. Oktober 2012

The start of my summer book 2012

I had to wait a long time for the photos to arrive, but now they are HERE!

I started with finishing the cover page, using stamps from Kesi'art and My Stamp box.
Tomorrow will be the big test - do I have space enough for all the photos?

Love it, love it, love it!!!


Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

MUSIC for Art Journal Café

...I just had to laugh at myself just now...
One of my favorite tunes lately (still, some of you would say) Katy Perries "Jar of hearts". LOVE her voice and her emotion singing that song. SOOO I thought I could use that one for the Art Journal Café's music challenge.

The first time I heard the song, the words "you're gonna catch a cold from the eyes inside your soul", got to me - I just loved that.
Today , I wanted to check the spelling, so I read the lyrics on You Tube and guess what!!! There are NO EYES in that soul - it's ICE!!!
But I finished my page and in my heart I'll keep that song the way I understood it in the beginning...

Anyway - Here the autumn finally arrived  - rain and storm today.

Of to work in a minute - enjoy your day!


IDEA for SODAlicious

This is my spread for SODAlicious challenge no 11.

Love their stamps and stencils AND the smell of wood once you get to open the parcel arriving from Polen.

Happy autumn out there!


Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012


 My friend Jaine and I are going to a workshop in Germany in 10 (only 10!!!) days. We will be 70 ladies gathered in a place called "Gut Hühnerhof", freely translated into "chicken farm". We were asked if we wanted to join theit "tag swop" and of course we said yes.

And here we are - fighting til the bitter end... only 12 finished tags and the rest waiting for a loving hand;

We will make workshops with Donna Downey, Amy Tangerine, Stephanie Berger and last but not least, the 2 Frollein. I'm SOOO looking forward to this, so I better finish my tags this weekend.

SWEET= scrapbook werkstatt event erinnerungs tags

Wish you all a nice evening!


My postcard for Artful times.

I made this card for the artful times. It is the first time that I join their challenge, and it seems to be a nice one. They would like to see postcards with letters or script.
Only 2 weeks away from our last holiday, I 'm still in the traveling mood - that's why I use the word "travel".

The background is made by cut out words from My Stamp Box and Kesi' art. After the layer of gesso I sprayed some dylusion inks through a stencil from the crafters workshop.
The letters are my "slim Jim"'s, cut out with the cuttlebug, and finally, the tag is a freebie from the magazine Scrap 365.

...and - i can't help myself to get away from those colors - blue, green and orange are still my very favorites..!

Luxemburg is wet, cold and very dark this tuesday evening. Autumn did arrive at last.

Happy crafty hours!