Sonntag, 27. Juni 2010

ISDI the last entries

...this is Laurences entry to our ISDU (I have the stamp and you have the idea). She used the stamp combined with a stampotique head and a crown. Love that beautiful flower to the left...

...this is Joëlles entry. It is SOOO funny to see how different we all interperated the stamp! So cool with Betty Boop here on my blog!

And this is the very last entry - Fabienne ,from work , had a go and she made this wonderful little shrine with the stamp inside.

I have to say that I am very "satisfied" with this ISDI. SOOO fun! And each one of us could make a totally different "thing" using this one stamp... BRAVO to all of us!

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

ISDI Katherines entry

...and here we have Kates those eyes caught in the cages...

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

ISDI Jaines party girl

Sooo, this is Jaines contribution... love those skirts, dear!
Great fun!

Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

ISDI (Ich Stempel Du Idee= I have the stamp and you have the idea)

This is not a challenge - this is just for fun to keep our minds creative...
The idea came from Creavils magazine "Just stamps", and I thought we should have a go!
I used a body stamp from de stempelwinkel and everybody started on their own project, without knowing what the others did.

And here we have the first results;

My "boss" Sunanda was working with different kind of colours and could see a shape of a fish as she started to work on the project.

Her daughter Shana had a similar idea and made a mermaid out of the shape;

I saw a flower shrine in a mag and wanted to build my own, and so I did.
I used the stamp from de stempelwinkel together with a stampotique stamp. The shrine is decorated with beads, paper, felt flowers and even table deco from Jaines easter table.... hope you don't mind, dear Jaine(?!...)

I call it "green".

My daughter Emilie made an arch inspired by the musical "Hairspray"... big, blond and beautiful... using the same stamps as I did.

So here we are now. I 'm still waiting for Fabienne, Jaine, Laurence, Katherine and Joëlle to show their work. The next post will be their show!
I hope you enjoyed this first part!

Samstag, 12. Juni 2010

Poppy time again!

How come a year can pass that fast?
Love those poppies!

Summer for Stampotique design challenge

Summer in Sweden!
Midsummer night, flower in my hair, people dancing in barns who are covered/decorated with fresh birch trees,bright nights, no sleep, the whole body so full of energy...

This is my entry to stampotique designers challenge where the theme is summer. And as an old swede, for me summer starts with a nice midsummer evening/night.


I LOVE ... for wednesdaystampers

I LOVE... a lot of things! Of course my family and husband and then justice, liberty, freedom,and, and, and...

This card is my entry to wednesdaystampers challenge "I love..."
And I DO love my stamps- from Stampotique, Cherry Pie,de Stempelwinkel, Fusion art stamps, American art stamp, Zettiology , Tim Holtz ...
This is a great hobby!