Sonntag, 23. August 2009

City New York for GA

Holidays are over.
We had some lovely weeks in Sweden and one week in a summer house in Denmark. We met the family and enjoyed the lovely nature of Scandinavia. Yesterday we came back and the tan is still looking good...
I have to admit that I was happy this afternoon when I could sneak down the stairs into my basement to try out my new things that I got for my birthday. Thank you, Peter, and thank you, Jaine!!!
As you can see I'm still crazy 'bout corrugated card...
Stamps are from "lgbrushes" and "stamps away".
So why New York?
Well - I have never been there and I believe it must be a stunning city with so many people walking in different directions. AND I could use my urban stamps for the first time!!!

And who is this pretty face? Let me present to you - Petra the bowler. She is a scrapper too and she has a blog with challenges ;
We met on a " mini mara" in Sweden where we spent 10 hours together crafting. Lovely!

And who is this little lady? My very good friend Jaine who came with her family to join us in Sweden this summer... in fact , she is still up there. We went to this mini mara together and we sure had a lovely day...

Hope you like my "after holiday gothic arch".

9 Kommentare:

  1. Beautiful and creative arch- looks like lots of artwork fun in your post!

  2. Such a lovely arch. I really quite like all the ephemera you've added.

  3. Lovely arch, I love the mood we feel in your work art.

  4. Lena, This is really impressive ,I just Love your collage !

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog Lena and your lovely comment!
    I love your arch, fabulous collage, wonderful feel!

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