Sonntag, 27. September 2009

"Autumn" for Gothic arches

The theme autumn makes me think orange and "earthy" colours.
Leaves fall down and it's easier to spot the owls. Spiderweb all over and a lot of spiders trying to get in to the house. I don't mind normally but when you see these big ones with long legs... - and they can run fast too...!!!
Scattered straw in the fields and so is the colour from T. Holtz called too.
Stamps from Heroarts, Stampaway and Stampington.
The cuttlebug helped me to make nice leaves and the hat should show you that it is getting colder.
Hope you all like it!

This is my " french corner " that will give me evening shadow in the summer 2010. I have been working with this a long time and finally it is finished. Until a couple of weeks ago we had grass growing here. I love the sun but when it's hot and sticky and NO WIND - I just need some shade... This was my garden project 2009 and next year I will get some "french" chairs...

10 Kommentare:

  1. Cute arch Lena. Glad you could finally get to use your owl stamp! I love the colours - my favourite! French corner is coming on - just needs a touch of colour!
    happy sunday.

  2. Wonderful arch - love all of the season's colors and elements you used Lena!

  3. This is just so stunning! Amazing arch!

  4. ha, I love the way your mind works..the hat to remind you it's getting colder.

    great cheery colours

  5. Love the colours and the owl is awesome!!


  6. Very nice arch and you're right about the spiders, great idea to have those on your arch!

    Lovely shady spot you're creating, Love those rocks!

  7. I Love your bright and cheery take on the theme, now go swat those spiders. LOL

  8. love the gorgeous colors of your arch! so warm and vibrant! beautiful work!

  9. Great arch, gorgeous colors! Hälsningar från en annan svensk :)