Sonntag, 18. April 2010

wild animals for wednesdaystampers

Very late, but still...
Sorry Gothic Arches - I can't see eggs anymore as easter is over. So instead of thinking "eggs" I thought of Antonius. Antonius is a lovely stamp bought from Stempelwinkel last autumn and I hadn't used "him" before. "Wild animal" is this weeks theme on wednesdaystampers and I think that the wildest animal must be the human itself.
Great theme! Sorry I'm a bit late... no time during the week and this weekend it was nice and sunny so we spent the time in the garden!


  1. Very wild indeed Lena! Cool take on the theme!

  2. Fantastic effect with Antonius - must share soon.

  3. fantastic stamping and images! I love the colors too!

  4. Wild and funky take on the theme!!