Montag, 31. Mai 2010

Squares for wednesdaystampers/ colourful patchwork for scrap a la fraise

As an old patchworker I had to try to make a patchwork page out of paper, and because I love colours it had to be a colourful one... For the first time in my life I stamped with acrylics and I do like the "smeared" look. I'm happy my sewing machine didn't give up even though it made strange noises...
So this is my page for scrap a la fraise where I have chosen the theme "colourful patchwork".
And coming back from Denmark, where I spent a week without any cutting and gluing I decided to put the page on wednesdaystampers challenge "squares" aswell.
Hope you all like it!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Very colorful and fun Lena, Love all of your stitching too!

  2. I love patchwork! Beautiful creation full of colors stiching, I'm excited.
    Hugs Anja

  3. i LOVE all that fresh colors!! great sewing piece, bravo!!!

  4. This is such a brilliant patchwork piece of art, I LOVE all the different squares, colours and fun details!! BRAVO!!!


  5. Wow, that's fantastic, Lena.