Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

ISDI (Ich Stempel Du Idee= I have the stamp and you have the idea)

This is not a challenge - this is just for fun to keep our minds creative...
The idea came from Creavils magazine "Just stamps", and I thought we should have a go!
I used a body stamp from de stempelwinkel and everybody started on their own project, without knowing what the others did.

And here we have the first results;

My "boss" Sunanda was working with different kind of colours and could see a shape of a fish as she started to work on the project.

Her daughter Shana had a similar idea and made a mermaid out of the shape;

I saw a flower shrine in a mag and wanted to build my own, and so I did.
I used the stamp from de stempelwinkel together with a stampotique stamp. The shrine is decorated with beads, paper, felt flowers and even table deco from Jaines easter table.... hope you don't mind, dear Jaine(?!...)

I call it "green".

My daughter Emilie made an arch inspired by the musical "Hairspray"... big, blond and beautiful... using the same stamps as I did.

So here we are now. I 'm still waiting for Fabienne, Jaine, Laurence, Katherine and Joëlle to show their work. The next post will be their show!
I hope you enjoyed this first part!

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