Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

"music" for wednesdaystampers

This week at the wednesdaystampers, the theme is music.
SOOO many possibilities!
I chose to use my ticket from last friday at the philharmony, and make it into a tag. I covered it with gesso, painted it with watercolours and stamped with stamps from the french "tamponmaniak". The image is Tchaikovsky and to make him look a little bit happy - I gave him a little party hat. It was his music we heard last friday and it was really a stunning evening - the crescendo in the end did it all!
Who says classical music has to be boring...

Great fun! Lena

9 Kommentare:

  1. Brilliant inspiration for your wonderful tag must have been a very special night!

  2. Oh brilliant use of the ticket Lena. How inspiring. Tzaikovsky does rule - it was fab!

  3. Lena, I'm a big Tchaikovski fan and I love what you've done here. I would have enjoyed the concert very much.

  4. Hi Hun
    Gorgeous Tag, love the colors
    My number/letter for the blog hop is 1
    happy Blog hopping

  5. Lena, this is a gorgeous tag! Tchaikovsky was amazing... just like your artwork!!

  6. Wonderful tag, love all the elements.

  7. Gesso, paint, stamps...some of my favourite things! LOVE your tag!