Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

"on the edge" prompt no 5 altered book

The theme "on the edge" was chosen by Jaine this time. I got a bit stuck, I have to admit, but once I got started it was great fun.
The background is a collage of neocolors, paperstrips, gesso, acrylics and stamps.
Last summer I met this lady who was very sad because her peacock just died (a couple of weeks ago). She sold the feathers on a flea market in Sweden. When I told her that I would use them in my art journal, she got very happy and thought that her peacock Paul still would be remembered by somebody else but her. She made me a good price and now I have 20 feathers still waiting in the basement...

Anyway - this is the first page using one of Pauls feathers.

My "edges" are all decorated with washi masking tape(and one from Tim Holtz) - love the effect and the possibilities.

All stamps used are from Tim Holtz as well.

Wish you all a very nice weekend!


4 Kommentare:

  1. Soo cool, You've beaten me, I've not got mine up yet but having seen yours I don't think I'll bother!! he he

  2. What a beautiful touch your peacock feather adds! I too have a bunch of peacock feathers I bought at a yard sale and they are gorgeous aren't they. I hadn't thought of using them in artwork...but I'm glad I saw your lovely collage!

  3. Love how you honored Paul the Peacock with these gorgeous pages! the feathers definitely went to a very good home :)

    Happy March Lena