Montag, 18. Juni 2012

A color combo for Art journal café

The Art Journal Cafe would like to see some color combo this time.

The dylusion colors would have been too bright so I used the Neocolors II. Maybe the red got too red, but I like it like that. The "quote" is a text found on Pinterest yesterday - I relly like the part "get inspired or get depressed" as well as the part" dance on tables or sit in the corner"...

The stamps are from Dina Wakley and the swedish company reprint.

Some doodling and the spread was finished.

Hope you like it!


9 Kommentare:

  1. It's brill Lena. I love the quote too but the artwork is fabulous. Very inspiring. xx

  2. Oh Lena DU hast einen genialen FLOW! Grossartige Einträge hast Du wieder gemacht!

  3. Beautiful pages Lena!!! Love the doodling:)

  4. How rude can Mr Blogger be: he didn't save my comment!
    So, as i said: what a gorgeous texture and doodling on your page, and the colors really pop! Yummi!
    Thanks for playing with us (again!) at Art Journal Café!!
    one of the frappuccinos ;)

  5. love the quote and the pages are beautiful.
    Loving the doodles.
    Lovely greet

  6. Beautiful pages and powerful words, Lena. Love it!

  7. ohhhh Lena, I love it, the colors are so nice... Thank you to participate to our challenge :)
    Lechatquitousse, one of the Frappucinos

  8. Ohhh I love your page.
    Loving the doodles.