Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

Sweden in june - nothing can beat it!!!

In the beginning of June , we went to Sweden with some friends. This chap - the swedish moose -  might not be the most beautiful, but still a one of a kind.

 They just had calves - even 3 of them! Compared to the mothers - they really look cute!
 The whole country is in flower - just waiting for midsummer to arrive...
 In Kosta Boda our friends could try to blow crystal glass - very exciting. A very old work of art - suffering a lot from the finanse crisis right now though...
 And just look at this! Have you ever seen a more beautiful shelf? I could feel it talking to me - so many stories to be told. So much history! Love, love, love it!
And this last picture of my great friend and her husband. I hadn't spoken to her in at least 10 years. I phone and YES she takes her time and YES her husband takes his time and YES they show us the whole glass industry of Kosta Boda. AND they are still together after so many years! Great people - love them from the truth of my heart!

Wish them all the best and I hope that some of you out there would show some interest in this art work. Glass blowing! Kosta Boda



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