Montag, 24. September 2012

The whatever no 4.

This is my entry to Nathalie Kalbachs creative storytelling the whatevers no 4.

I think it is impossible to see if the child is a boy or a girl in that picture. That reminded me of my cousin in Sweden. He had the most beautiful hair and his parents kept it quit long even though he was/is a boy. As if they wanted him to be a girl. After a while my cousin cut his hair off and the story ended. I can imagine the father in this picture struggling with the same feelings. He would love to show the world how beautiful his sons hair is , but the social norms forbid it... ( nowadays everybody is allowed to have long hair - I see many children at my work, who would prefer to have a shorter haircut, and the parents can't get them self to take the child to the hairdresser ).

I'm waiting for the photos from the last vacation to arrive - would love to finish the mini book I started...

I had fun creating this new page !


4 Kommentare:

  1. Great use of colour in your creative project, funny how different eras see long hair with different attitudes

  2. Love your Whatevers this month! I've often been surprised by how many old fashioned pictures of little girls were actually boys - funny! Love your bright colors too. Next month's picture will be up soon :-)

  3. It´s a beautiful explosion of colors, I like.