Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

MUSIC for Art Journal Café

...I just had to laugh at myself just now...
One of my favorite tunes lately (still, some of you would say) Katy Perries "Jar of hearts". LOVE her voice and her emotion singing that song. SOOO I thought I could use that one for the Art Journal Café's music challenge.

The first time I heard the song, the words "you're gonna catch a cold from the eyes inside your soul", got to me - I just loved that.
Today , I wanted to check the spelling, so I read the lyrics on You Tube and guess what!!! There are NO EYES in that soul - it's ICE!!!
But I finished my page and in my heart I'll keep that song the way I understood it in the beginning...

Anyway - Here the autumn finally arrived  - rain and storm today.

Of to work in a minute - enjoy your day!


10 Kommentare:

  1. superbe ! j adore la bordure droite avec les notes de musique qui imitent les touches d'un piano !

  2. Great journal page and I really love your blog,..lots of great inspiration!

  3. wow love your page Lena, great color combo. Will you bring it along on Saturday?????

  4. I'm in love I think.... !!!! lol Your page speak to me anyway Thanks a lot for your participation
    Carol, one of the Frappucinos

  5. I love everything about this page! The creepy faces, the background you built up, and the song. Awesome!

  6. this is a simply put super duper cool page! i absolutely love it!!
    thanks for playing with us Lena :)
    france, an art journal café frappuccino ;)

  7. Really love this page, Lena! Your inky background is wonderful and I love how you've built it up with so many fun details?