Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2009

Presentation of me

Art of Australia. Magnetic Island august 2008.

Hello world!
Here I am- trying to make my own blog without having a clue how it works.
I need this blog to present my scrapwork and to join challenges on the net- it is just so inspiring!
First of all some words about me;
I come from Sweden, I met my danish husband in Austria 1985, now we have 3 children and a dog and we all live in Luxemburg.
I work in a Kindergarden and I do love this job- it is a challenge to deal with people all day long...
Because of all languages in my head ( swedish, danish, english, german, luxemburgish and still struggling with french) I have to appologize for my spelling; I know I make many misstakes but please don t judge me by them.
A couple of years ago I started patchwork and I think I did some pretty nice wall hangings. I just love to put colours and different material together to see how the end effect will be. Then my english friend introduced me to scrapbooking and now I m hooked. Whereever I go my eyes look for new combinations and exciting patterns...
So here I am where everyday is a new day of discovery and joy...

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