Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

Cupcake for scrappy accents and a fragment charm for studio L3

As my youngest daughter had tummy-ache and had to stay at home from school, I made her this little tag to cheer her up (she loves baking cupcakes!!!). The theme at scrappy accents this time is cupcakes so that did fit very well. AND at Studio L3, Linda wants us to try out page 64 in Tim Holtz book "Compendium of curiosities" - this is week 17("CCC #17.").So I made fragment charm with another cupcake to join that challenge aswell.
The stamp is from American Art Stamps and the little cupcake is from (believe it or not!) Ikea!
Hope you all stay well without any tummybugs!!!

5 Kommentare:

  1. aw, what a sweet tag, and the charm looks great. hope your baby feels better soon!

  2. Both gorgeous Lena. I was so glad to see your link up there, thank you. I love your cup cakes - delicious.

  3. Such a cute tag!! Love your CCC17 charm!

  4. Oh, Lena, this is wonderful! That's the happiest "Get Well" card ever-- who doesn't love cupcakes?? I love the design, and the bright colors look wonderful with the chocolate-brown background. Your fragment charm is-- here it comes-- THE ICING ON THE CAKE!

    You've captured "Joy" and made a tag with it!

    I hope your daughter is feeling better!

  5. Gorgeous Tag! I love the stamps you used, they are so sweet!