Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Faces for wednesdaystampers

Ever heard of Poul Pava? Here you see some of his napkins torn into pieces, because of the lovely faces he has made in this gorgeous, childish style... Love his creations!
This week wednesdaystampers would like to see our creations using faces.
I made another journal page, using faces from Poul Pava, using stamps from Cherry Pie Art Stamps, a die cut frame from Sizzix, a Tuscan Rose male face and some water colours.
I really enjoyed this one, ladies!


8 Kommentare:

  1. Very creative collage there's a lot to see.
    Hugs Anja

  2. You have some fun faces there Lena. Napkins are such a great collage ingredient, Love how they melt into paper.

    I just listened to your favorite song in Swedish ... I leaned in real close to read some of the German words ... oh my SO uplifting and beautiful ... a beautiful reminder to embrace life ... thank you for sharing that ... sniff sniff :)
    Happy Weekend to you and yours

  3. I love those Poul Pava faces staring out at me. It's a beautiful collection Lena.

  4. wunderbar! gut, dass man es vergrößern kann, da sieht man die details noch besser!

  5. fantastic piece Lena!!
    the ruler on my card is just a piece of paper from a collagesheet.

  6. What a fabulous piece, so many interesting things to look at!! Bravo!!!

    Hugs, smiles and applause,