Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Cambodia souvenirs

Cambodia is a beautiful country with very friendly and polite people. A country trying to rise out of poverty, still suffering from the war of the red kmer. A country wich could need some help.

I would just like to show you something that I found was a great idea;
Souvenirs made of old cement bags. I bought some and I really use my bag every day - still like the very first day! So, no bad quality and looking great!

Please go and check what else they have made out of these bags - I don't know how expensive the shipping is, or even how long it takes go get the stuff home. I just know that it took our postcards almost 4 weeks to get to Europe. Maybe to late for this christmas, but still worth checking for another time.

Info - my shoulder bag costed me approx. 4 USD.

Angkor recycled. Handmade in Cambodia.

Good luck!

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