Dienstag, 13. November 2012

My junk style book à la Janna Werner and Felicitas Klink

 Mid october Jaine and I went to Scrapbook Werkstatts Mega Event in Germany. Here we were taught by Janna Werner and Felicitas Klink to make a Junk Style Mini Album.
                                        Finally I finished it and I'm really happy with the project.

 I mostly used stamps from Felicitas Klink, but also stamps from SODAlicious and l'encre et l'image.
The photos are all from last holiday, as my daughter and I ended up in a fishtank in Siam Reap in Cambodia.
We had a gorgeous time, but it was very hard to keep the feet in the water as they were eating dead skin from our feet. That's why I call it "making friends - feeding friends".

Great evening at the night market!

Cambodia rocks!

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