Montag, 15. Juli 2013

The letter Y for the craft barn.

Time pass.
Right now the wheels turn pretty fast in my/our life;

We didn't have any warm water for almost a week, my basement was occupied by workers . Our youngest daughter had like a crisis - it isn't easy beeing 16 years old, beautiful and still don't believe in yourself. I remember that that time in my life was a very difficult time aswell - I wanted to be the perfect familygirl, the best student,  the coolest best friend and at the same time having doubts about life.

So this blogpost is about who YOU are...

This is my entry to the alpha dictionary challenge at the craft barn  where we should use the letter Y.... ( and one girl has got yellow hair - the twist for this challenge).

I'm lucky to have a very creative friend (Jaine) , who is a design team member for different companies ( like sizzix, Sarah Hurley, ASOI...). Last week she had her own stamps made and I was allowed to try them out. Here, on this journal page, her stamp is the girl with an attitude, dressed like one did in the 80th. Other stamps used are from PaperArtsy, Sarah Hurley, ILS and Hero Art. If you want to check out whatever else Jaine's doing, pls visit her blog here.

Wish you all a nice week!


9 Kommentare:

  1. Oh Lena I'm so happy you used my girly, she does stick out as having lots of attitude and sass (I remember 16 well!!). Thanks for using her here on your fab page. Love the colours I wonder where they came from ;)

  2. I too have a 16 year old daughter and know exactly where you are coming from, even from here, on the other side of the world! Your page captures the whole questioning self doubt drama of growing up.

  3. Ah yes, trying to be in the latest fashion and father saying "You're not going out dressed like that":-)
    Good choice.

  4. That is a fab stamp of Jaine's. It's a great page. I hope your daughter manages to sort herself out - it's tough being a teenager these days, so many pressures from the rest of the world. I'm coming to Luxy next week for a birthday party!

  5. I don't find it easy being 49yrs let alone 16yrs. Hope you DD is feeling better now. Thanks for visiting my Yorkshire Day page. BJ

  6. A very interesting page and so very true. A great word choice - I found this letter difficult as there weren't that many words beginning with Y in my dictionary!

  7. Great page and good word choice! xx

  8. Great interpretation of the word.
    Thanks for playing with us at the Craft Barn