Montag, 17. Februar 2014

A snake page for AJJ

Many years ago, I bought a book about Chinese astrology . It was really fascinating to read about the different signs and try to find out who is what. I found myself being a snake. I didn`t like that fact, as I `m not very fond of those creatures. But after reading that book, I understood that a snake could have a quit charming character and qualities!

Nesting for instance! Making a lovely nest for the babies, trying to keep them all together and prefer to stay there with them as long as possible...

Our son is also a snake and he does the same as I do - nesting... Another thing a snake does, is to try to charm the surroundings so it may be left alone in its nest. An intelligent creature and many people say it is a beautiful too (I still don`t like the way it looks!).

Sooo, this is my entry to Art Journal Journey challenge Zodiac signs.

I used stamps from Artemio and Alladin together with stencils from Rona Palazzari and Dina Wakley.

Happy February! Today we had thousands of wild geese passing over our heads direction north - spring will get here - not tomorrow, not the day after tomorrow, but finally it will!

I wish you all a nice second part of February!


5 Kommentare:

  1. An amzing page for our theme Lena- Thank you for being with us this month again.
    Ich bin auch eine Schlange im chin. Stermzeichen und irgendwie hat das was beunruhigendes.. aber wenn dieses Zeichen solch gute Eigenschaften in sich birgt kann ich ja direkt stolz sein!


  2. A nice idea and I like the snakes, they look quite jolly.
    That's a great quote from Nicolas Cage.

  3. wonderful pages,i love your interpretations,beautiful backround as well.


  4. An amazing page and genial idea.