Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Springtime is coming to Sweden too!

This is our house in Sweden where we enjoy a couple of weeks every summer. This morning I sent my youngest daughter up there with my husband. So now the house is very empty and I already start to miss them ( this is me, who has been longing for some nice hours in the basement without getting disturbed by them!).
So I found these photos from last year springtime and I wanted to share them with you...

I spent every summer here as a child when my parents had bought the old farm from relatives. At that time everything was "pretty run down" and my parents taught me and my brother how to restore and to appreciate "old" things.
A couple of years ago we bought one of the houses from my parents and we started to change it into the summer house we wanted it to be. So now my husband had to get some building lessons from my father... Not always easy but the endeffect is always wonderful!
We have tried to keep the old style even if we have a modern kitchen and waterclosett.
So now he's up there again - he took the sun away from Luxemburg and left me the clouds. Basement- here I come...!

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  1. love your house..really pretty. I've just realized you live in Luxembourg, I live close to the border, if you fancy contact me, my email is not on my blog (