Sonntag, 5. April 2009

" Bathtime, dear? "

This image reminds me of our "old" time in Vienna. When our neighbours there wanted to end the evening - instead of throwing people out, Erni would ask her husband if he had filled the bathtub with water. That was the sign for everybody to leave the building and go home.

This time I wanted to try something totally different with colours I would never have chosen before.

Weatherwise the day has been so-la-la, but I did spend some time on the terass decorating some youghurt-glasses. I bought the beeds on " Long street" in Capetown a couple of years ago and now I had the opportunity to use some. The youghurt I buy in a lovely bio-store where I do my bio-shopping once a week. I do feel the difference in the taste, but my wallet feels it too. So I only buy what I HAVE to buy and hope that the bio-stuff soon will have almost "normal" prices.

These teelight-holders is a surprise for my husband, who now is on holiday in Sweden with our youngest daughter. I will put them on "his" terass where he has his bbq and I do believe that he will have a smile on his face when he finds them.

Wish you all a happy and sunny easter if you don't pop in before the holidays!

7 Kommentare:

  1. That boy in the bath is so funny and the story is even funnier. The background is wonderful. I like open themes, you can really go wild. i love your tea lights they're gorgeous. You had a crafty afternoon didn't you!

  2. Oh wow fantastic arch Lena.
    The boy is so cute. Fantastic structure. Love them.

  3. Such a lovely arch with wonderful details, great colors too! Happy Easter to you and yours! Happy Springtime too!

  4. this colours are very nice, even if you dont use them usualy, good job!!

  5. Love the arch, great image and colours!