Samstag, 25. April 2009

Youngest daughter growing up!

Our Em turned 12 last week so I made her a card a la Jaine (3D effect). Last saturday she went to a 60 party to celebrate - all dressed up in polka dots, singing songs from the movie "Hairspray".
It's good that life goes on, but that day I got that feeling:" Isn't it moving a bit TOO fast!?!" Look at my baby!

Here you see her card. I used the cuttlebug for the girl and some stamps from "Inque". The picture in the back is from this year with pony Robin, that she loves to ride. Robin doesn't bite and he's never in a bad mood. But poor pony Mini died today ( a pony from this riding group). It doesn't seem to be a good year for animals in our neighborhood...

As time goes by...

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  1. The card came out just perfectly. Do you think that might be a view into the future - like 5 years ahead? Doesn't she look the young woman?