Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

26th of October

For our family the 26th of october is a very special day - Austrian national day (where we lived many years ago), the first day with my becoming husband, moving to Luxemburg, our daughter got the diagnosis diabetes mellitius 1, and many, many other good or bad things.... and it all seems to happen around this date!
20 years ago we packed our baby Oliver and the parrot Bingo into the plane and we moved from Austria to Luxemburg. 18 years ago we officially moved into our house where we still live. And 10 years ago my beautiful daughter had to be carried into the hospital where she got the diagnosis diabetes mellitius 1.
YES, you can have a good life with diabetes and YES you don't have to change many things to keep going, BUT FOR HEAVENS' SAKE - it is a struggle! If someone would ask me who my worst enemy would be, without any doubt I would answer - Diabetes!
SO, for us this date is a big date in the calender - never to know what will happen next - good or bad...
I hope that this year it will be a good year.

I was very happy that my "risqué" was chosen to be one of the samplers on GA this week - you never know when that will happen...

My youngest daughter has to say farewell to one of her best friends ( danish , but brought up in Lux.b.). The whole family has to move to Denmark because of buisiness and because this girl has never lived in Denmark it will be a big change in her life.
We wish you and your family the very, very best ,dear Ann-Sophie!

And because this girl is a very strong girl with her own mind , I'm not worried. She will make her own way - I'm sure of that. Good luck !

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