Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2009

Inventors Gothic arches

Well, well, well...
Many inventors and many inventions...
I wanted to go for Virginia Apgar because I was taught how to use her Apgar test during my education with newborn babies in Sweden a long time ago BUT then my daughter thought that the "slimsuit" was cool, so here we go...

..." takes off an inch off the waist and stomach while enhancing the bust and lifting the buttock area..."
What do you think of that ladies?
It was a Carol Wior who invented this slimsuit and got the patent for it in 1990.
I know - this is no revolution but to be honest - we all want to look the very best and maybe this slimsuit does help some ladies look better (or at least FEEL better).

I believe that we are all different and that is why we should look different too.I don't think it is healthy with to much overweight but I don't think it looks nice with too skinny faces either. As long as we feel fine and feel accepted the way we are - why make it a problem?
Wish you all a nice sunday no matter what you look like!!


  1. An invention we all are interested in to be sure! Your arch is wonderfully done!

  2. Wonderful arch and great thought put into this one -

  3. What a great idea, I'd love to own one of those! Wonderful colour. Hope you're feeling ok.

  4. This is absolutely interesting, Lena.
    Gorgeous arch and beautifully created.

  5. Sign me up! What a great invention and inventor. Your arch was pretty and a lot of fun.

  6. oh what a fun and wonderful piece!!!