Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2009

Twilight for Gothic arches

I think it was very difficult this time - what colours exept for the grey tones CAN you use for a twilight? And I LOVE colours...
I haven't read the books yet - my daughter started the first one and because of school she didn't finish. So I suppose I have to wait for my turn...
By the way - talking about books - anyone who has seen the movie " my sisters keeper"?
I bought the book some years ago and I would like to see the movie. Is it as good as the book?

For this arch I used a tree from Stamps away and Pucinni's Muse from Stampington Company. Good night to all of you!

6 Kommentare:

  1. I love your arch! beautiful composition...and you mentioned it being a difficult would never know with the beautiful arch you created! :)

  2. i saw the movie on the plane the other day and thought it was fabulous. a bit heavy, but so worth seeing. beautiful gothic arch

  3. Lovely arch, love the image and the stamping!!


  4. Awesome! The shades of gray are so well your arch! LynnF

  5. Sorry I'm a bit late in looking but it's so beautiful and shiny. I love that stamp. Alcohol ink background? Yes mine was digital - could you tell!! ;)

  6. I thnk that you interpreted this theme very well! Nice work