Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Gothic arches "crackle"

Yesterday we went to "creative metz" to get some inspiration...
What did we find ? - a dream came true! We found a chap who did his own way of altering books and he and his ladies (maybe daughters) sold a lot of great stuff.
Here you see some of the wonderful things we bought...

I' ve lost the mail adress but I entend to find it back - this was really like walking in a dream...

The theme at Gothic Arches this grey sunday is crackle. I was very pleased this morning as I saw the theme because I bought a "crackle accent" yesterday. BUT I have to admit that I was disappointed - that face should have been full of crackles and the lights too...
Anyway , I like the arch the way it is, even if I think that "crackle accents" didn't keep their promises.
And what did I use(?);
Stamps from stempelwinkel, paperartzy and inkadinkado...
Ranger distress inks and wax colours...
Hope you all like it!

Wish you all a lovely week!


14 Kommentare:

  1. Great finds at your shoppe! It's a good day when you run across those treasures.

    I like the nice golden glow of your arch! Nice job!

  2. Very lovely art work well done lena!

  3. Terrific arch, Lena! Beautifully created!

  4. Brilliant, and you use one of your handles.

    That's the link. Didn't we have a good time.

  5. Lena, your gothic arch is super beautiful. I love the super find from the shop. Looks like a lot of "goodies" to play with.

  6. That's a wonderful arch you've created, Lena! LynnF

  7. Beautiful and creative arch Lena- lovely entry!

  8. Very beautiful, Lena! Maybe it helps if you use more Crackle accent? Some crackles have to be applied thickly. When that doesn't help you could try Distress crackle paint rock candy, a colorless crackle that does crackle.

    Jetske Masmeijer
    De Stempelwinkel

  9. Your arch looks wonderful and you did find some great treasures there!!!

  10. Lena, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I am eagerly looking forward to your posting of more of Emilie's works. I remember a while back you posted some of her art.

    We are having our 4th snow storm in a row. Will it ever melt????

  11. Fabulous arch...... looks beautifully warm... great stash too!