Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Happy birthday Peter!

Today is my husband Peters birthday and as a gift I've created this wall hanging.
The background is made from calico, painted with gesso, collaged over and painted with acrylics and gel medium. Using gesso, gel medium and acrylic gives a good, stiff base to work on.
The photos were taken in Vienna when we first met and they are printed onto inkjet printer fabric.
As a final touch I've used some bright fabrics and machine stiched over the top.
Because it's Peters birthday today I'll be spoiling him and that fits wednesdaystampers theme "spoil me".

5 Kommentare:

  1. Oh SO very lovely and sweet Lena!
    Happy Birthday to your dear husband!

  2. It's fantastic in real life! Happy birthday Peter, I hope he gets well and truly spoilt!

  3. Aaaaw how beautiful, sweet and romantic!! Happy birthday to your husband, and I love your piece, great colours and layers!!


  4. such a fantasic gift! Happy Birthday Peter! :)