Samstag, 11. September 2010

Holidays in les Landes

Some photos from our last holidays in France - les Landes.

A friend of mine bought a house there a couple of years ago. Now she has finished the decorations and I simply fell in love! Look at all these things! Of course , you find Ikea stuff in between, but all the other stuff is found in small shops and on "marches" in the region.

Can you hear the ocean...

AND... this is it! I will definately loose at least 5 kg before christmas - otherwise no pudding for me!
School starts next week and so does my "regime".
In the end the summer didn't turn out to be so bad. Friends and party are important too ! So, ok autumn, you may come!

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  1. What a lovely house, is that Manon's house? You look great but if you need to loose a few kilo's count me in too - too much cider, snax and ice-creams!!! welcome home.