Freitag, 27. März 2009

Christmas in march?

No, we didn't go to Dortmund this year - we stayed in my basement and opened parcels we had ordered. Concidering the high prices and the "buy - rush" on a craft fair, a couple of weeks ago we decided to stay at home instead. I took a day of work and told everybody that we would go to Dortmund. We felt really naughty hiding in the basement - but, my goodness, we sure had a good day.
SOOO, we had made different orders and opened the parcels this morning. X-MAS!!!

So, what did we do the whole day?
Jaine showed me different ways of doing transfers.
We made inchies, tried our new stamps and distress inks and really enjoyed ourselfes. For lunch, we had a chinese take-out so we could stay out of the kitchen the whole day. Above you can see some of the things we did...

My very first inchies put on a small canvas.

Another gothic arch in stunning colours and new images.
Thank you for a lovely day, Jaine!

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  1. Didn't we have the best time, lots of fun, no crowds and lots and lots of playtime. Thanks for hosting a wonderful day Lena.