Sonntag, 1. März 2009

" for your eyes only"

I do love the colour brown( even more in combination with pink). I like it so much that I even made a paper bag book with the colour brown.( maybe I can show it later....)
Yesterday I took my husband and some dear friends to "L'inoui" in Redange. A small place where you get some lovely, austrian inspired food while you listen to wonderful music.
It was a " rounder girl" named Tini Kainrath who played for us with her gorgeous band. I met them last year and totaly fell in love... Now it was my husband turn! The pianist ( Mario Pecoraro) plays the piano as noone else;;;--- You believe he will jump of his chair but somehow he still manages to stop from falling.
In each song he has got a solo where the whole audience feels closer to heaven.
The other two band members are excellent too, but I only have eyes for this pianist...
Tini herself is a very good singer who has put a program of "known music" together.

" Anyway, "I am what I am "and "I will survive", eventhough "this is a man's world" because "I've got a friend"!"

If one of you out there ever hears about this "gal comming to town"( Tini Kainrath) you have to promise me that you go there and you enjoy yourself... If you have just a little bit of feeling for music you will feel the beat and you will get blown away!!!

Back to the challenge...
Brown, beautiful eyes, asking for something. A lady is a lady- flower is the answer!
Pink is the colour!
Hope you all like it! Lena

13 Kommentare:

  1. Wow was für ein wunderschöner Bogen.
    Einfach klasse Lena.

  2. Lovely. I really like the contrast of the dark brown background against the pretty pink detail

  3. So clever, and the name suites it so well.

  4. Lena, this is so gorgeous.. Great arch.

  5. And we only have eyes for you! Lena awesome what a great art piece.Fabulous!

  6. what a truly inspirational it x

  7. Beautiful, Lena, love the 'film strip' effect and the add-ons!

  8. I love your arch, Lena. It is so creative - and unique. I also love the happy photo on your profile!!
    Great blog, wonderful work.

  9. Sorry to hear that you lost your little dog, Goofy. I know how it feels because I had to have my big old dog put to sleep a few months ago and I still miss him around the house and garden.

  10. That's just gorgeous Lena. I too love these colours together don't they make you feel all warm and fuzzy like chocolate?

  11. hoooo sorry for your goofy.. fery nice and clever art.. xxoo