Samstag, 14. März 2009

"Mother and child"

"Mother and child".
This weeks challenge was chosen by my good friend Jaine so this time I was prepared.
A child takes very much of your time and energy. Once you have a child you know you can't live without it. I remember that my first fear appeared with my first child. Before having a child I can't remember ever feeling fear for anything- but now- what if something happened to my little child? Suddenly I was vulnerable! I will never forget that feeling.

12 Kommentare:

  1. How beautiful. I love your image there Lena and I totally agree with your sentiment. It's a feeling that never really goes away no matter how old they are!

  2. Love the glow and feel of your lovely arch, very pretty!

  3. Wow this is awesome.
    Really lovely arch.

  4. Great to see you again ,so soon!! Heehee!! You know as the years go by you forget about all those (special) times you spend with your child. Thanks for the memories!!wonderful arch!

  5. Gorgeous arch, Lena. What you say is true. And really, you never outlive that concern for your child

  6. Gorgeous arch enjoyed looking at your blog !
    Loved your word on a child.