Samstag, 14. März 2009


Phantasy " nâcken".
Haven't had time for myself lately so I am very, very late for this weeks challenge.
In my childhood in Sweden everybody spoke about "Nâcken", who was somebody playing wonderful music to get the children to come closer to the water. Listening to this music eventually the children would fall into the water and be gone forever.
" Nâcken" took them. As a child I loved all the horrible stories about this young man and still I have the deapest respect for water...

4 Kommentare:

  1. Oh Lena this is magic.
    So wonderful arch. Love them.

  2. Glad you put it up at last, better late than never hey! I do love it, it's so colourful and simply magical. Such a romantic story too.

  3. Love those 'hot' colours, Lena, lovely design & interesting story behind it!

  4. better late than never, great collage, See you tomorrow!!